Inquest Services


is an investigative company located in Washington state.
Founded by investigative professionals
with over 15 years of experience in surveillance,
claims investigation and court presentation.


Results you can count on + Service you can trust.

We are are an investigative firm focused on insurance investigations. Through our high standards, ethics and professionalism we will assist you in your claims assessment. Our desktop investigations, recorded statements, social media investigations and surveillance services are the perfect tools to help determine the legitimacy of your claims.

Recorded Statement

When you need the facts to determine if an injury was nonindustrial. Order a recorded statement before evidence gets lost or memories are impaired by time.


Discreet and timely in order to determine if the system is being abused.

Background Check

Provides a clear view of an individual's past and can be a useful tool in determining if surveillance is warranted. One of the first steps when investigating your problematic claims.

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We are flexible and accommodate to our customer's unique requests and our mission is to foster a partnership by working with virtually any budget.